Director – Christopher Andrews



Polo Manager – Jessica Andrews

Jess has been with Tidworth Polo Club since 2008 and since 2010 has been polo manager and instructor. She has spent this winter playing arena polo and bringing on young horses.

Deputy Polo and Events Manager – Miles Underwood

Miles is in his second season at Tidworth and has been involved in Polo Management, Coaching and Media for more years than he would care to remember! “I’m looking forward to my second season here with what is a fantastic team and a great bunch of members.

Secretary – Melanie Robertson

Melanie is on Maternity leave after giving birth to baby Daisy on January 2nd.  Her position this summer is being covered by Edd Tyrrell…..


Head Groom – Rosie Hine-Haycock

Rosie has been with the club for two years and now takes on the role of Head Groom working alongside Jess to ensure the smooth running of all things ‘horse’!

Groundsman – Pete Dodsworth

An experienced and hardworking ground keeper and master of all trades. Pete looks after the four club polo grounds with dedication and hard work assisted with great diligence by his son Wayne (Who not surprisingly for the 21st century is also something of a software expert)

Assistant Groundsman – Wayne Dodsworth

Son and assistant to Pete, Wayne has been helping Pete since he could walk…