Tidworth Polo Club are very experienced in helping you with your corporate hospitality or team building needs.

For something different learning to play polo cannot be beaten – be it client hospitality or staff team building.  We can tailor make an unforgettable event, ensuring your staff or clients have an unforgettable experience – you will not be disappointed and you will play real polo.


There is no more exciting nor more challenging team game than polo.  Meeting the challenge engenders a spirit of camaraderie and group commitment that is unbeatable.  There is no better way of motivating your employees to reach their business goals than by giving them the reward of learning to play polo.


Many companies have their own formal or informal sports teams – football, cricket, netball, hockey etc.  Why not Polo?  We can help you make it happen.


Polo matches and events are always a special occasion and very much appreciated by spectators especially if they are being generously hosted.  Clients really do understand that they are valued.  Imagine entertaining them while your team, or a team sponsored by you, is actually playing!  We can make the day sparkle for you.


Throughout our very busy season there are many opportunities to sponsor matches, tournaments or teams. We can guide you towards the solution that you want.  We will not let you down.


We are also able to accommodate trade stands at some of our events, if you are interested in having a stand at an event whether to promote your businesses or to sell directly to those in attendance we are able to accommodate you. For information relating to this years events please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Contact – Chris Andrews, Melanie Robertson or Jess Andrews to find out more –